Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hunting for Money and Health Care

Well, I have begun my search for alternate employment that would be part-time and offer benefits. What I'm seeing so far doesn't have me feeling super optimistic. There just isn't a lot out there that offers the necessary flexibility, hours AND benefits. I find myself wondering if maybe I wouldn't be best off talking to my present employer sooner rather than later about the possibility of altering my employment status here. It's a pretty dis heartening situation for the moment and for my prospects of going back to school. I've also been feeling under the weather since mid-day yesterday which can't be helping things either.

In any event this is only my first day of seriously hunting job possibilities online and I don't actually need something lined up until August (I could even hold off a little longer with sufficient student financial aid and COBRA or temporary Blue Cross insurance, but damn COBRA is expensive). So I've got time but, at the same time, my time is limited and as somebody who has trouble leaving things open ended this is more than a bit nerve-wracking to me. Already. I suppose I'll probably be a little more laid back about it all after a few weeks, but for the moment it's tough to feel anything but anxious about my prospects. I just have to remind myself to keep trying, as long as it takes and that these things don't happen instantly.

How many more times can I fit the word time in here in the time it takes me to write this entry? Maybe I'll time myself. Or not.


One other thing I've been doing is investigating apartments, alternatives to the home Kristin and I currently live in. It's crazy convenient to MCTC and a great co-op which is wonderful but we're also close to bars, have no off street parking, and no in unit A/C and not so great air-flow between rooms, meaning environmental control is sort of at a premium for us. If my neighbors want to smoke I don't really care. If they want to smoke within sufficient proximity to my window that I can smell it I do care. One thing I have noticed in apartment hunting is that apartments that appear to be pretty close to ours in terms of size are being rented for less now than they were when we signed on for our current place and a lot of them have more amenities. At least they claim to. Seeing is believing with apartments. It may make more sense to stay in our current place and just invest in some things to make the unit a bit more liveable. I don't know. I guess Kristin and I have a bit to talk about where this subject is concerned.

Up next for me, more job hunting. Maybe some desperate grasping for grants and scholarships and possibly talking to my boss about alternative work options.

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