Thursday, June 10, 2010

Degree Audit Report

I've just reviewed my Degree Audit Report from MCTC. It is basically a comprehensive report of all my college credit earning course work that has been reported to MCTC broken down and categorized as it applies to my intended degree, Associate of Science in Biology. The very good news is that it looks like I am quite heavily covered and have a decent amount of completed credits that should eliminate the need to do much, if any general education coursework. Let's hear it for required classes! The one gap is that my 5 credits and 4.0 from the Pre-Calculus course I took through Normandale Community College this past Spring semester does not appear on my DAR. I will need to contact MCTC (and possibly Normandale) to see that this is acknowledged on my academic record. I do not know that it will have any relevant effect on my DAR, but it may be helpful as a prerequisite for classes I will be taking after my first semester this Fall (hopefully) at MCTC.

In other education news I received a notice from my loan consolidation company about reconsolidation. I don't think there is necessarily a need for me to do so right now, nor am I certain I even qualify, but the email brought a couple of things to my attention. One of these is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program which assists with loan balance elimination in exchange for working in a public service sector. This isn't necessarily of immediate utility to me, but may be helpful to utilize when I get out of vet school in several years since I know there are public health employment opportunities available for veterinarians, particularly those with large animal and epidemiology focuses. The other thing this email reminded me of is that I should be able to re-enter loan defferment once I am back in school full time. I need to figure out how to go about making that happen and not having to make further student loan payments for a while as a result. Things to do, things to do . . .

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