Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Ace Can Mean One OR Eleven?!?!?

The endeavor to figure out how to go back to school while remaining financially solvent and insured continues for me. I ran into a friend from my spiritual community at the grocery store last night who's husband is employed by UPS and asked her some questions about that. Now I had looked into UPS and gotten very excited a couple of weeks ago, and I had been meaning to contact this person for a while to ask about the work involved. I viewed employment with UPS, as a package handler during the 5-9, "twilight shift," as an employment ace in the hole. It wasn't necessarily my ideal job, but the schedule would be very accommodating to class hours, and all indications were that it would provide full medical benefits and possibly even a tuition benefit. After talking to my friend last night apparently this may not be true. She indicated that it had been in the past, but that now these benefits were available to hourly employees only after a full year of employment with UPS. This was very disappointing and dispiriting for me to learn. I still went ahead and applied last night. Maybe my friend was mistaken and at least the medical benefits would be available sooner. I can hope and pray and keep looking elsewhere. That is one positive of this. Finding out about UPS possibly not being such a sweet deal for immediately meeting my needs as an employer, did motivate me to seek out a list of known employers that offer medical benefits to part time employees. I haven't had a chance to look at the list of employers at length yet, but I saved the link and I can examine it more closely tonight and determine where other prospects for me might be. I think that will likely need to be my next step..

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