Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Story Idea

I'm feeling pretty worn out from the last couple of days and anxious in anticipation of potential action regarding my proposal to transition into a new part-time role with my present employer next week (not to mention the fact that I may get my financial aid award notice late next week).

In light of that I think I'm going to write about one of my major story ideas instead. This is an idea that I think would be best realized as a stand-alone work of prose fiction, accessible to any reader as young as a mature ten years old or older. It's set in a fantasy world with a semi-baroque flavor to it, and the central characters are a direction-less middle-aged minor nobleman, a stranger from unknown lands across the sea who is desperate to find a way home and the varied entertainers of a traveling circus, including a clown, a strongman, a fortune teller and an animal trainer. The nobleman finds purpose in trying to help the stranger find his way home and they set out in pursuit of the Circus' resident magician who has taken a leave of absence to travel and study arcane secrets in lands to the east, and whom it is believed can help the stranger to find his way home. Thematically, my intent is that the story should focus on feelings of alienation and estrangement, and on overcoming those feelings through acceptance and the establishment of welcoming community. I don't want to show too much of my hand obviously; if I ever decide I'd like to actually write this and attempt to see it published I'd hate to find that somebody else has read this blog and beat me to it! I'll leave things there today.

More discussion of my steps down the invisible road in my next entry.

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