Monday, January 3, 2011

It's Been a Busy Few Months

  1. Mid-October: I present my interest in moving to the overnight shift to the manager at my employer who oversees the After Hours team. My goal is to free up my days to take more classes and expedite rate at which I can complete the necessary prerequisite coursework to allow me to gain entrance to Veterinary School.
  2. Last Friday of October: I am offered the opportunity to take the After Hours position as one of the current members of said organization wishes to return to a regular 8 hour daylight shift. I accept readily.
  3. November 2: I discover both that it is my designated day for Spring 2011 course registration and that had I not accepted the opportunity to change jobs just a few days earlier I would have been unable to continue taking any classes at all. I register for the second course in the two semester chemistry sequence I began in August and a class literally called, "Managing Stress".
  4. November - Mid-December: I complete my Fall coursework while training to adopt the After Hours position.
  5. December 16, 2010: Having taken my Chemistry final two days prior I start my new job. My standard work cycle is seven days, Tuesday - Monday, 6.30PM - 6.30AM on duty followed by seven days off.
  6. January 2/3, 2011: realizing how crazy and irregular my new schedule is and that it will take a lot of work for it to become routine and feel as stable as the previous months I decide to treat this whole experience as an observational study and record information on my experiences because, shoot, my life feels really interesting now. Hopefully I can turn this into an amusing article on or maybe even a book or something.