Friday, June 4, 2010

This Would Be Pretty Swell

Not much new for me today in the whole apartment and job exploration/research area. One thing that occurred to me which I should try to hold in mind is being a building caretaker. This could potentially provide both residence and employment benefits which would be pretty swell if I may say so. I don't know how realistic an option this is, but it could be a pretty cool situation to be in. Assuming I was able to do this in a building on a convenient busline or otherwise in a neighborhood adjacent to Minneapolis Community & Technical College, that is. This is pure speculation of course, but it could be a good scenario.

I have a family reunion staring me down this weekend so this may be my last chance to draft an entry for a while. I am hopeful that my time at the reunion will allow me some opportunities to connect with older relatives who may have insight for me on my chosen career (I know my Great-Uncle Merle will be good to talk to. He was a cattle farmer and worked closely with my Grandfather the Veterinarian.), or on how to work through a challenging scenario like the one I am currently engaged in. These are people I'm not necessarily super close with but whom I do feel familial love for, and they're all bright enough that I think they may be able to provide some perspective that I may not have come to on my own. I retain, for the moment, an optimistic mood on these matters.

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