Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hedging My Bets I

In due homage to the idiom that basically lends itself to the title of this entry, I am working on preparing possible options for the possibility that my [maybe] genius plan for remaining with my current employer part time while I return to school full time will not come to fruition. Basically I'm trying to generate other opportunities for myself to work part time and get family medical benefits if sticking with my present employer doesn't pan out. To that end I submitted notice of interest to the good people at UPS (which would be an ideal gig in terms of the hours) early last week. I'm sure they get enough applications that I don't necessarily expect to hear back anytime soon, and based on my recent conversation with a friend who is a spouse to somebody in the same position I am seeking I may have to be there a while before I receive any benefits. Both Costco and Whole Foods allegedly offer benefits at part time, so I went ahead and spent every free moment I had earlier today completing applications for both places. Too bad my local Trader Joe's doesn't seem to have openings or I'd be applying there too. The way the application process is set up for Whole Foods I was actually able to apply for 3 separate listings in pretty short order. The Costco application was longer (it included a very long questionnaire intended to gauge the applicant's work ethic) and generalized, but it will be submitted for review for pretty much any position I am deemed qualified for.

I still have more places to apply. I will be applying for my going-back-to-college dream gig (which will probably not offer me benefits *cry*) of being a Galactic Pizza delivery super-hero. I'm pretty sure I could get the job and the hours would work, but if we don't have insurance . . . *sigh* I'm going to be keeping my eyes on Trader Joe's and I may be exploring the USPS and FedEx as providing similar prospects to UPS. I'm trying to check after local government work and employment with educational institutions semi-regularly too. For that latter that could include work study, but I don't know that, that would really afford me any benefits (beyond the convenience of hanging around campus). Okay I think this entry has become a bit rambling at this point so it is going up like an elevator.

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