Thursday, July 1, 2010

Toad Time

I really should begin using the labels function on this thing to identify stories involving my interaction with animals and how they've inspired me or reinforced my resolve in wanting to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. I think I will do just that. From now on, if somebody wants to read my blog just to read about my personal experiences with animals look for entries with the label, "Animal Tales".

This is a fairly recent occurrence. Last Friday evening, as my Wife and I were leaving feast at the Baha'i Center of Minneapolis (I don't recall whether or not I've mentioned I am of the Baha'i faith before. Either way I'll need to write some entries on how finding my faith and the role it now plays in my life have influenced the goals I've set for myself.) A very severe thunderstorm that had almost generated tornados had just concluded and there was flash flooding in much of the greater metropolitan area. As we went towards our car under twilight in the now drained parking lot Kristin caught sight in her peripheral vision of a large toad. I suspect I would have spent a long minute or two observing the toad in any case, that's just how I react to catching sight of wild animals, but this little guy was actually in a little bit of danger. Seemingly the storm had driven him (her?) out into the parking lot and the toad was not showing any sign of having a remote idea of how to get back to the habitat it would have come from. My wife and I spent a mostly futile five to ten minutes chasing the toad around in an attempt to deter it from residing, with almost certainly fatal consequences, underneath a friend's car. I used to frequently catch toads and keep them as one or two day pets before releasing them back where they came from when I was young (I believe I was seven at the zenith of my toad wrangling career). I have never, NEVER seen a toad that moved as fast as this little guy did. Eventually we were able to herd him out next to the curb and I was just fast enough to scoop him up. We transported him to a greener area near a small pond and park and let him go. A week later I hope little Mr. Toad is doing alright. With reflexes like that I think his chances are pretty good.

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