Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Up For Lost Moments

Since my current prospects for knocking through the prerequisite coursework to pursue veterinary school are limited right now by my need to continue to work a regular first-shift job I don't anticipate being able to take more than one or two courses at a time until that situation changes. Unfortunately there's only so much time I have in a day, and my options for night classes and online classes in a local two-year or four year public college are limited. That being the case I have taken up my Wife's suggestion that I look at some other options to expedite career change. I have made informational requests to a number of local for-profit and web-based colleges about programs for becoming a veterinary technician or assistant. One institution, Globe University Minnesota School of Business, offers both an A.S. and a B.S. for veterinary technology and a representative already contacted me. I requested information from her on both programs.

Ultimately what I have in mind in exploring this possibility, veterinary tech/assistant, is to determine if there is a program out there that will provide me with some (I hardly expect it to supply all) of the necessary coursework to create a foundation for my taking further prerequisite courses to ultimately apply to vet school. Entering such a program could allow me to make a career change that much sooner and provide a respite from the world of customer service of which I have grown increasingly weary. The other plus of starting off in this direction is that many of the institutions that offer such programs are very accommodating to working adults, by which I mean they offer sufficient night classes and online coursework that one could potentially utilize to function as a full time student while working a regular clock-puncher day job.

Ideally this is a two birds with one stone type of situation, advancing me towards vet school AND getting me out of customer service and into animal care sooner than later, but even if my investigation of the possibilities only turns up the latter as a direct benefit of following my road in this direction it may be a worthy one for my personal growth and happiness. Either way, I look forward to finding more out.

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  1. Check out Argosy. I really love it there and the vet techs seem to really love it too.