Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yay For Goats!

As I continue to wait for that financial aid award notice letter to show up (it should come sometime this week according to the financial aide office at MCTC) so that I may gauge whether a full time return to school is plausible for me this year I have sort of a weird week of not working [Independence Day holiday paid day off], working [today], middle of the week weekend [tomorrow and Thursday] and working [Friday]. Hopefully things will fall into place a bit so that I can figure out whether or not I'm going to school in the Autumn. If that aid letter is slow in coming though I may just have to divide my time between reading, going to the gym and napping. That would not be such a bad thing either. Oh yeah, and I guess this would be a good time to go to my County administrative office of choice to get my driver's license renewed.

Anyway, I took a little bit of an actual vacation this last weekend and went over to my parents house to basically be a hermit for a couple of days. I did interrupt this briefly, persuaded by my Father, to attend the annual Block Party in their alley and allow myself to be introduced to a neighbor of my parents who is presently gearing up for year two of veterinary school at the University of Minnesota. It was good for me to get an opportunity for me to talk with somebody who, like I am attempting to, pursued veterinary medicine after already completing one bachelor's degree with pretty much no academic background in the sciences. We talked animal medicine stuff some and the ups and downs of trying to go back to school after some time away. While her interest lies in entering small/companion animal practice when she learned I was interested in large/food supply animal work, and small ruminants in particular, she offered to help get me connected to a Professor of hers who is apparently VERY enthusiastic about goats in particular and actually has a goat farm. This could be a great opportunity for me to talk to an academic professional (rather than the semi-knowledgeable stonewall that is admissions personnel) in my intended field AND provide potential for some volunteer work on a farm working with goats. That would be really good since I've been having a difficult time arranging something with my academic adviser from undergrad who happens to own a sheep farm. Here's hoping this turns into a chance to do more investigation with an eye towards my future and maybe some hands on experience.

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