Thursday, May 27, 2010

What I meant was . . .

I chose the title, "Walking an Invisible Road," for this blog because I created it primarily as a chronicle and a focus for the pursuit of my career goals, and I believe it accurately reflects my feelings on the process. I HAVE actual goals for my life now, something that is relatively new to me after having been alive for nearly three decades, but I know there are things in life that just cannot be planned or accounted for. There are those diversions and side-trips in almost any journey that just happen. I think in terms of the metaphorical journey of life that these aren't necessarily deviations from the path that lack purpose. I have faith that they are twists and turns, loops, rises and drops in elevation in the actual path that we are walking on; a path that will ultimately lead us to where we need to be. The road is invisible but we are able to walk it without deviating from the path and we arrive at all destinations in due time.

Now that I've attempted to rationalize my decision for the name of this thing I want to acknowledge that I think the title is pretty horribly pretentious. I mean, seriously, Walking an Invisible Road, sounds, to me, like the title of an unsuccessful novel or a self-help book, maybe something in the Christian Inspiration section at Barnes and Noble. Still, I spent almost two days mulling over a title for this little excursion into electronic journaling and this was honestly the least pretentious thing I could come up with that remotely eluded to the intent of the blog. I hope anybody reading this doesn't think I'm too full of myself based on the title alone. Then again I suppose you could be correct. If I'm being honest with myself I have been known to act full of myself but that's usually with comedic intent. Usually.

Okay, I think I've laid the foundation for what I want to do here. In my following posts I intend to discuss the path that has led me to where I am now, events relating to my progress towards where I presently believe my life is leading, and I'll probably throw in some musings relating to my hobbies and maybe some creative writing too. I wish me luck.

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